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Ceilling Grid

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Ceilling Grid

High Quality ceiling suspension system which employs the latest and most advanced technology from europe.


ALBA TEE Ceiling Suspension System is a pre-engineered and pre-decorated roll-formed tee bar assembling system for modern exposed grid ceiling suspension.

ALBA TEE which is extremely fire resistant, comprises of system of self-interlocking Main tee, Cross Tees and Wall Angles which are designed to maintain structural stability.

ALBA TEE Ceiling Suspension System’s positive features and tasteful design add charater and safety to commercial buildings, shopping centers, hotels, residential and institutional buildings whilst providing aesthetic beauty to the exposed ceiling system.

ALBA TEE Ceiling Suspension System is a safe, reliable, durable and tastefully designed whilst providing true to the Ceiling Suspension System for modern buildings.


A strong, economical and easy to install ceiling suspension system.
Inter-changeability of Main and Cross Tees between systems provides great field flexibility.
Extremely fire resistant, providing a minimum of 1-hour fire protection. Production flexibility allows for main fire expansion point upon request.
Joggle end of Cross Tee provides complete flush joint eliminating gaps between Main and Cross Tees.

Component Specification:


The dimension of the tee are as indicated. Both ends of the tee have integral splices for continuous joining. Hanger holes are round, approximately 6.00 mm in diameter and located on the bulb of the tee, at intervals of 44 mm. Slots for Cross Tee connection are at interval of 152 mm.


Each Cross Tee has an end splices which is an integral part of the component in addition to a 2-feet slot in between a 4 ft Cross Tee.


L-shaped galvanised white coated steel used in mounting to wall ceiling structure. Available in 3.05 m or 3.66 m lenght.

  • Installation Procedure/Storage
    Before installing, make sure that all the necessary materials are available and that all services in the ceiling void are completed.


  • Levelling
    Level the ceiling height by use of a laser beam or water level. Position of perimeter is to be marked on walls, columns, etc. Usually the perimeter angle should be placed level with under-side of ceiling titles.



  • Perimeter
    Wall Angle or Shadowline mounting should be fixed at maximum 600 centres. Use screws, stub nails or drywall fasteners depending on type of wall.



  • Division Of Ceiling
    The ceiling should preferably be set out from the centre to secure balanced width of tiles at perimeter. The centre-to-centre distance of Main and Cross Tee is 610 mm x 610 mm or 610 mm x 1220 mm.



  • Hangers
    Maximum distance between hangers is 1220 mm. From wall to first hanger, the minimum distance is 400 mm.
    Main Tee: Main tees are spliced together by inserting a tab on the end of one section into a slot in the adjoining section.



  • Cross Tee
    Cross Tees are inserted into slots in the Main Tees and locked in position by a slight downward pressure. Cross Tees are available in two standards which are in imperial or metric measurement.



  • Adjustment
    When all sections have been installed, adjustment can be made to ensure that the entire suspension is level.
    Tiles: Ceiling tiles are simply laid in the grid. Where fire rated ceilings are required, a hold down clip must be used a clip at each end of every tile.



  • Wall Clip
    If necessary, tiles along walls can be kept in position by using Wall Clips.



  • Cutting
    Cutting of Sections can be done by using a back saw starting from the painted side. Tiles should be cut with a capenter’s fine toothsaw, or by scoring with a sharp knife, bend the tiles over a sharp edge and complete cutting.