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Metal Ceilling

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Metal Ceilling

Kabul Interior’s Metal Ceiling Tiles let you create a ceiling in a simple design that is both attractive and acoustically efficient.

These ceiling tiles are made out of expanded metal, and integrated with Willtec® foam. Willtec® material is 100% free from hazardous fibers, has excellent performance, and meets ASTM E 84 Class 1 requirements for low flammability.

These metal ceiling tiles come in standard white, grey or black hypalon inserts (Willtec® foam) and can be paired with white or chrome metal panels to create a unique design.

All inserts are coated with Hypalon for easy cleaning. Panel size is 24”x 24” and easily install into any standard suspended ceiling system and come. They are packaged 15 tiles per box. Please call our technical sales staff at 1-800-782-5742 with any questions on these metal ceiling tiles.
A design alternative to traditional linear or perforated metal ceilings, Kabul Interior’s Metal Ceiling Tiles are affordable and easily installed at virtually any stage of construction.