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eXtruded Poly Styrene (XPS)

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eXtruded Poly Styrene (XPS)


FOAMULAR (R) METRIC is a rigid polystyrene foam insulation extruded into boards by Owens Corning’s proprietary technology which develops continious skin surfaces and closed cell cores. The cells have interconnecting walls of consistent thickness with no voids. This uniform structure gives FOAMULAR (R) METRIC high insulating values, superior moisture resistance and high compressive strength.

FOAMULAR(R) METRIC is available for wide ranging applications, including PRMA (Protected Roof Membrane Assemblies); exterior wall insulation; cold storage; and civil construction.

Corporate Overview:
Owens Corning was established in 1983 and has its headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Today, Owens Corning is a publicly-held company of more than 19,000 employess with manufacturing, sales and research facilities, including joint ventures and licensee relationships, in more than 30 countries worldwide

Offering a diversified array of products, Owens Corning is a world leader in high performance glass composites and building materials systems.

In 1994, Owens Corning established its regional headquarters in Hong Kong. Owens Corning Asia Pacific is responsible for operations and development of new growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. The company has distribution channels of sales offices in every country in the region, including India, Australia and New Zealand

To cater to rapidly growing markets in China, Owens Corning has established offices in four cities: Beijinh, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

The company operates three fiberglass insulation manufacturing plants in Guangzhou (Guangdong Province), Shanghai and Anshan (Liaoning Province). In 2002, Owen Corning established a vinyl siding production facility in Anshan.

Owens Corning Nanjing Foamular Board Co. Limited is a joint venture specializing in the production of pink FOAMULAR (R) METRIC Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam Insulation products – the first of its kind to be manufactured in China. The facility is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.


Added Efficiency and Comfort
In addition to providing durability to a structure’s exterior wall, FOAMULAR (R) METRIC also give an even surface to an exterior finish. This helps upgrade substantially the thermal performance of the exterior wall for increased energy savings and occupant comfort.

Excellent Resistance to Moisture
FOAMULAR (R) METRIC gives the product a closed-cell structure and continious skin surface, front and back, that make it practically impervious to moisture absorption from many sources such as leakage, condensation, freeze/thaw cycling, etc.


1- PRMA (Roofing Application)
FOAMULAR (RA) METRIC maintains its ability to insulate in the presence of water and has high strength suitable for use under walking of vehicular traffic surfaces. It is ideal for both construction of new building roofs and existing roof that need improved insulation.

2- Cold Storage 
FOAMULAR (R) METRIC provides excellent water resistance properties to perform efficiently in cold storage applications by maintaining its low thermal conductivity in the presence of high vapor pressure and liquid water. It plays an imporatant structural role in providing support beneath an insulated concrete floor slab.

3-Exterior Wall Insulation
Through substantially upgrading the thermal performance of the exterior wall and providing an even surface for the application of the exterior finish, FOAMULAR (R) METRIC Serves as a suitable base for cementitous coating over both new and existing building sidewalls.

4- Civil Construction
FOAMULAR (R) METRIC controls frost heave by minimizing frost penetration and freezing of subgrade frost-susceptible soils when placed below pavement and base. It can also be used as a lightweight soil replacement material in some retaining wall and embankment applications.

Insulation Physical Properties